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Mindtech Solutions management team has decided to take down MindtechAffiliates network from March 2020 . It may looks quite surprising to our partners . But “END IS THE REAL TRUTH”. what ever we have today everything is going to an end at a point of time. This theory applies for every single entity in this universe.


Great news is, their is a good reason behind this event. [Mindtech Solution] has introduced its offertracking plateform [MINDTECH PERFORMANCE] just like hasoffer and Affise etc. This is going to provide offer tracking SaaS solution to Affiliate Networks. Providing Support to Affiliate Networks and competing in the same industry was bit contradictory .That’s the main reason Mindtech Team decided to take down it’s network business . [Mindtech Performance] Offer tracking platform is launched and People are loving it and giving their feedback .The main goal of SaaS solution is to provide “affordable tracking without compromising the quality”.

Checkout the demo of Hasoffers Alternative [Mindtech Performance]

Admin Dashboard
email: [email protected]
Pass: 12345

Affiliate Dashboard
email: [email protected]
Pass: 12345

Please go through once , let us know your feedback , How it is looking…? We need everyone feedback to make a unique product for future Affiliate marketing Opportunities.

You can directly connect our Founder Mr. Anant on skype (mindtech.sales)

[Mindtech Performance] is a new generation tracking tool with Advanced fetchers and cost is absolutely like fraction of Traditional tracking systems . We don’t charge for clicks and conversions . we charge FLAT 20$ per month for tracking software and customer has to opt for one cloud server from our DC . That starts from 10$ and entry level cloud is enough for normal volume tracking. If you will compare with hasoffers ,cake,Apsflyer,offer18 etc .. their price is sky rocketing ranges 50$ to 699$ for basic access . Also they charge extra for ssl stuff , extra data uses , extra clicks and conversions etc . In our case ssl is absolutely free and you will get full access in 20$ . No hidden cost . our main aim is affordable tracking of affiliates

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