Affiliate Program Cost

The Mindtech Affiliate Network is designed for startups, small and medium size online businesses that would like to take advantage of affiliate marketing in US, UK, CA and INDIA. Our affiliates are different. The affiliates that have joined our network are energetic and open to new and developing brands. They are interested to work based on leads, sales or PPC. Choice is yours how you want to move ahead and increase your revenue. What you are waiting for…? Join today and start your affiliate marketing campaign with us. We will help you in all kind of setup and recruiting affiliate, managing affiliate on a fraction of cost.

We only charge based on the usage of your account, No support or consultancy fees. Affiliates get paid from the pre-paid credit at your account. The amount you credit your account with is up to you, however the minimum credit amount is $100.That is refundable and you can request this amount to refund at any point of time. The Balance amount at your account will be refunded “No question asked”.


Account Set up Fee 49$ (One time charges)
Consultancy Charge Free
Support Free
Minimum Credit to run Campaign
Our Charge (Override) 25% of commission paid to affiliates
Time required for setup 12 working Hours

Despite offering small charges and setup free, we don’t hold back with our service to you. View ‘What you get‘ to see just how much we provide.

Managed Account Plan

Get the maximum out of our affiliate marketing program by taking the Managed account option. This will give you the advantage of our experience in creating and managing affiliate relationships. See what you get extra from our Managed account, ‘What you get‘.

Managed Account Option $59.00/Month

Learn more about the Managed account.


  1. Our Charge – This is a charge based on the amount of commission you pay. If you pay an affiliate $1 we will charge 25% on top of this commission. This would mean in total you would pay $1.25
  2. Refunds – We will refund your credit balance anytime based on your request.
  3. Minimum Credit Payments – A minimum credit of $100 is must to run a campaign .
  4. Tracking Installation – We don’t want you to hang up between your dev agency and ours affiliate marketing team, so we charge 50$ for the installation of our tracking code and make everything in 24 working hours. This is our responsibility that your tracking code gets installed at your website and you are ready to take the advantage of our Affiliate marketing program once you decided.

Why managed Account service …?

Give wings to your affiliate marketing program with the Managed account option. If you would like to have your affiliate marketing as a key part of your marketing approach, you may be interested in our Managed account plan. Our Managed account option is supplementary to the free performance only network service. That gives you the benefit of affiliate recruitment and management in professional way at a fraction of cost.

Managed accounts are billed monthly for our services, view our fees. Checkout ‘what you get‘ with the network only and our managed account option service.

Is Managed account option the best option for me?

Find out managed account is the best choice for you by answering the following questions.

Yes No
Is affiliate marketing is the key part of your marketing strategy?
Is it central to see fast and controlled expansion in your affiliate marketing channel?
Do you have the time available to successfully recruit affiliates?
Do you have skill in managing affiliates’ wants and requirements?

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