Boost Your Website’s Revenue

Mindtech Affiliates presents affiliate marketing Program for Starter, Small, Medium and Established online businesses.

Are you looking for more sales, leads and revenues?

We provide all the necessary tools you need to rapidly and easily create your own affiliate marketing program. You can have hundreds of affiliate working for you based on leads or commission as per your choice.

Small setup up fees, but we don’t skimp on service check out ‘What you get‘ and cost involved.


Mintech affiliates provide great opportunities to increase merchant’s sales and traffic. You can get an appropriate affiliate program in accordance with your business requirements. We enable you to extent your business to a great number of individuals through our publishers and in-house. Mindtech affiliates digital marketing team can bring your sales up with the help of email marketing, Banner ads, and search engine optimisation tactics. We provide great means to scale up your business .our advertisers are always given a chance to exponentially upsurge growth.

Our Cost per Action (CPA) model is designed in such a way that performance is given prime importance. As a merchant you can easily boost the traffic and make the sales rise by selecting our affiliate program

How Our Affiliate Program Is Different From Others?

affiliate program

  • We ensure great traffic at an affordable cost
  • We provide better and instant support for your queries
  • Complete control on cost.
  • Our platform is totally risk-free
  • Strong fraud detection technique
  • Cost effective auction by CPL, CPC and CPA
  • We are expert in digital marketing space
  • Simple and user-friendly web bases platform
  • Dedicated support staffs for Merchants and Affiliates
  • Place your adds on highly appropriate websites
  • Complete consultation and support on campaign
  • Depth analysis about the targeted audience
  • Great pool of energetic successful Affiliates

How This Affiliate Program Works?

What we do is simple. Once You join our affiliate program , we assign an dedicate digital marketing expert as an advertising manager for you. He will assist you throughout the campaign process like campaign analyse, the targeted customer and much more. It includes from making campaign live to cost effective and profitable auction.

Once the campaign is live, we let an affiliate advertise it for you. This is an inexpensive way of tremendously increasing sales at an affordable cost. You won’t ever have to burn a hole in your pocket as far as your business is considered. By making use of affiliate marketing, you can promote your site through different affiliates, and the best part is that you pay only for the clicks you have received. This is a fine strategy for a business plan that is cost effective in the meantime being high-performance.

The sales team will be concentrating on promoting your business. According to certain facts, an affiliate program is one of the best and cost-effective promotion strategies that you can find around. You don’t have to pay a penny to sign up for our affiliate program. Once you start receiving more traffic through our affiliates and that you are totally gratified, you need to think about the cost. In fact you are having the complete control of the cost. The more you earn through us, supplementary charges get levied for the same though it would never cross the ‘affordable’ line. You are provided with frequent reports and administration tools over the web for better access.

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