Mindtech Affiliates is a fastest growing performance driven Ad Network. An innovative group focused on programmatic media buying in the global market arena. Our Top Geography is India, US and UK. We are renowned for our payments that are never late. Mindtech Affiliates Founded in 2007 at Hyderabad (India) as a performance network targeting US and UK as prime Geography. Started Indian operations since 2015 . Now our main focus is on India, US and UK. Mindtech Affiliates have more than 350 offers from all these three geographies. All campaigns are direct in nature and with best payout guarantee. We work with more than 21 different verticals like BFSI, Dating, Travel, Email submits, Mobile VAS, Education, Payday Loan, Automobile, eCommerce, Mobile Apps. Our top vertical for all the three geographies is Finance and Mobile Apps. As of now we are working on CPI, CPL, CPS/CPA, CPM, CPV/CPC all possible model. Our main focus is on CPL, CPI and CPA campaigns. Our dedicated support for Publisher and Advertiser is also second-to-none.

Great performing campaigns at best payout and timely payments are the two main pillars of Mindtech Affiliates. That makes Mindtech Affiliates unique in the industry. There are no minimum payout terms and have a strict Net30 Payment system, that is another beauty of Mindtech Affiliates. We have high protection against fraud. Mindtech Affiliates work on tire one tracking technology “Has Offers”, that ensure that your effort will never go waste due to technology Suck. Almost 350 Direct advertisers from India, US and UK are waiting for publishers to promote their campaigns. Let’s try our Exclusive Campaigns that are performing, direct and on best payout.

Advertisers, if you are looking to promote your campaigns in India, US and UK. With models like Pay Per Click, Pay Per Install, Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Acquisition. Then, you have found a reliable partner as Mindtech Affiliates. More than 10,000 trusted publishers are waiting for you to run your campaigns on your desired model.

Best Affiliate Network For Merchants and Affiliates


Mindtech Affiliates advertising strategies and expertise in digital marketing space makes it entirely different from the other affiliate network. We put forth different dedicated methods to ensure optimum performance while acquisition to make process cost-effective. We display ads on highly popular and relevant websites so that you get quality customers to avail your products and services. Another great feature that we provide is our unique yet highly functional reporting system. You can login to our reporting system anytime and see for yourself the increase in your sales. Traffic and Acquisition stats updated instantly without any delays.

You can be really proud to be our online affiliates. We as a direct advertiser can help you out with great converting hosting campaigns with the help of our affiliate network that provides you with all the amenities that are required for gaining traction in the online marketplace. You don’t have to spend a penny to join our network. This is one of the eye-catching aspects that no one else in this field would provide. We are greatly involved in the success of our online affiliates business. At Mindtech we are engaged in creating strategies that will enable the visitors make the most out of your business platform.

How Affiliates Can Earn More From Our Affiliate Network..?


As an affiliate network, we try to deliver well tested, good payout and highest ROI offers for our Affiliates. Once you join as an affiliate, our focus lies on your capability evaluation and providing you best suitable offers .That ensures great changes of our combined success for new journey. This will equally become beneficial for you. Our main motive is to maximize your profit by providing best conversion offer and protect you from fraud. We also provide you high quality tutorials and assistance on affiliate marketing. That will help you in the journey of making money through our affiliate network .We assign a dedicated Affiliate manager for you .Who helps you on improving your marketing strategy for maximizing the return on investment. So let’s join Mindtech Affiliates and take a step towards making money through affiliate marketing.

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